Confederação Brasileira de Tiro Prático:Brazilian Practical Shooting Confederation. The CBTP home page.
Armaria Online:The Armaria Online home page.
The Airgun Letter:The Airgun Letter is a monthly newsletter for airgun users and collectors. Also a contributor to Shooters` Feature Articles. Fascinating stuff, especially for firearms shooters, will be amazed at the precision of these arms!
The American Airgun Web Page:...information on Air Rifles, Air Pistols, Field Target Competitions, and other airgun stuff.
Ballyhoo Promotions, Inc.:Black Powder with Eoghen Gunn is dedicated to blackpowder, muzzle loading, clubs, events, products.
British Columbia Practical Shooting Association:BCPSA is the British Columbia, Canada, practical shooting association.
Bullseye-1:The mailing list Bullseye-l is designed to provide a forum for Conventional Pistol shooters.... bullseye shooters have traditionally been
The Bunke:Most recent newsletter for the United States International Clay Target Association. Information on events and results of the International Shotgun community, some opinion on reloading, editorializing and announcements.
Cas-City FAQ for Cowboys:Norweigan cowboy website with lots of related links.
Centerfire Benchrest
Commonwealth Fullbore, Palma, and 300M UIT Target Rifle Shooting:Austrialian site covering various aspects (mostly here and now, what`s happening type information) of prone, deliberate fire, with centre-fire rifles.
Dansk Sportskytte Forbund:A Danish website (in Danish) covering all aspects of action pistol shooting in Denmark. A nice, clean, well organized site!
John Dreyer`s Competitive Shooting Network:A collection of articles on competitive pistol shooting plus links to Web sites helpful to the Competitive Bullseye Pistol Shooter. A competent site on a deserving but neglected subject. A for subject covered and content.
Finnish Shooting Association Practical Division:FSAPD is the Finnish practical shooting association.
The Guns of the Golden West Association:This website features a performing group based in western Canada... skits of old west action. Also contains list of related hotlinks.
Hot Lead and Cold Steel:A page for silhouette shooters.
Hungarian Practical Shooting Association:HPSA is the Hungarian practical shooting association.
IHMSA.:This is the official site of the IHMSA.
Indian Wells Valley Skeet & Trap Club, Inc.:A trapshooting club in Inyokern, California, in the southern Sierra Nevadas.
The International Brotherhood of Single Action Revolver Shooters Shooting Club:IBSARS is a group of shooters that compete in action matches based on the Old West.
International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association:Their official home page dedicated to the sport of long range handgunning.
International Practical Shooting Confederation:The IPSC home page. IPSC is the worldwide federation of practical shooting associations.
International Practical Shooting Confederation Info:A personal page with focus on (San Francisco) Bay Area IPSC information. Some IPSC load data.
IPSC Ontario:IPSC Ontario is the practical shooting association club for this large Canadian province.
Italian Shooting Page -- on Olympic Games 1996
James Russell Trapshooting Page:Trapshooting
Ray Meibaum:`35 years experience buying, selling and trading Colt single action army revolvers.
Metallic Silhouette Shooting:Metallic Silhouette--The Toughest Shooting Game on the Planet. Mostly about firearms shooting, but they also mention the use of airguns in shooting silhouettes.
Michigan Shooters Page:A page for, but not limited to, IPSC style shooting.
Minnesota Silhouette Association
Muita Practical-Aiheisia URL-Osoitteita:The Finnish Shooting Association Practical Division. Also known as IPSC Finland. In English and Finnish.
About the National Skeet Shooting Association:A personal site with some background, schedules, etc. about skeet and the NSSA.
National Tactical Invitational:This website contains information on a premier pistolcraft and gun handling skill event, the NTI, promoted by the American Tactical Shooting Association.
The Ohio State Skeet Association Home Page:O.S.S.A. is the first State association of the National Skeet Shooting Association (N.S.S.A.) to have a home page!!
Ontario Practical Shooting Association:OPSA is the Ontario, Canada, practical shooting association.
Palma USA:This is the official website of the United States Palma Rifle Team, jointly sponsored by Palma Promotions, Inc. and Shooters` Online Services, Inc.
The Panhandle Regulators:Idaho bound cowboys should check in to this.
Karl Rehn`s Page:A pretty interesting and well-done personal website by this devoted IPSC shooter.
Sacramento Area IPSC/USPSA:Sacramento (California, USA) area practical shooting information web page.
The Seattle IPSC Page:Seattle, Washington`s hot spot for IPSC shooters.
Shooters` GunShoots:...the web encyclopedia of shooting competitions. What, when, and where to shoot. Created and maintained by Shooters`, a sortable, searchable database of over 3,000 competitions. Sort and search by Location, Date(s), Shooting Specialty, Level, and/or Club
Shooters` GunSmiths:...the web encyclopedia of gunsmiths. Who provides what type of gunsmithing services and where. Created and maintained by Shooters`, a sortable, searchable database of gunsmiths.
Shooter`s Pawn:`Your IPSC superstore
Shooting 3-position & Air Rifle:Orderly, clear information on rifle events held in the Olympics (3-pos and Air rifle) and NCAA competition.
The Shooting Iron:An online magazine covering single action and cowboy shooting.
Shotgun Report:SHOTGUN REPORT is the Internet`s electronic magazine dedicated to the clay target shotgun sports.
Shotgun Sports Enthusiasts:Shoot updates and club info.
Single Action Shooting Society:The SASS home page. This is the place for all the cowboys and cowgirls out there.
The Single Shot Exchange:The Monthly Journal %26 Emporium Devoted to Antique %26 Classic Firearms.
Single Shot Online:This site is dedicated to the enjoyment of shooting 19th century (and reproduction) single shot blackpowder cartridge rifles (BPCR).
Soft Air Adventures:The website of an Italian magazine about airguns. Good information and a few pix of armed ladies. (In Italian.)
Southern Ohio Skeet:Welcome to skeet shooting in Southern Ohio.
Speed Shooters International:`At SSI, we are competitive action shooters...
Sporting Clays:Official Publication of National Sporting Clays Association
Sporting Clays of America.:The SCA page for sporting clays shooters.
Team Northwest [USA]:Team NORTHWEST is the Northwest (USA) Section, Area 1, of USPSA/IPSC.
Texas South Section--USPSA/IPSC:Larry Dillard`s Texas South Section USPSA/IPSC practical shooting information web page.
Trap House Sporting Clays:offers a complete turn-key system for sporting clays!
The United States Benchrest Home Page.:Scores and rule changes for USBA shooters.
United States Practical Shooting Association:The USPSA home page. USPSA is the United States member of IPSC. To our knowledge, this is the most authoritative source of all manner of in-depth IPSC information.
The Unofficial Amateur Trapshooting Association Home Page:Unofficial website of the ATA.
Virtual Benchrest:Technically advanced site requiring a JAVA capable browser (Netscape 3.0 on Win 95 or NT), etc. Simulates real benchrest! Those who can, should.
Wisconsin USPSA Section Internet Home Page:An unofficial USPSA page for Wisconsin Section shooters that provides club info, stats and news.